NVOCC Agency Services

Trans-Continental Shipping has achieved the highest targets in exports in the past due to which we represent the highest number of NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) Principals from different regions, specially from India, Pakistan, Singapore and Dubai.

Our expert IMPEX team ensures a Perfect Sales and Marketing and promotes our Principal Line Containers to various exporters in the Kingdom of Bahrain for a  swift turn-around of containers to prefers locations as announced by our Principal Shipping Line.

Trans-Continental Shipping is also known for having a excellent rapport with all Major exporters in the kingdom like Midal Cables, GARMCO, BAFA, ALBA and also a majority of scrap export traders.

Our Managing Director Mr. Yusuf Al Rayes has been very active since the start of his company involving himself in the Liner Operations Business due to his expertise he received in the field of Shipping & Logistics throughout his immense experience . It is under his precious advises and guidance we have been able to achieve a maximum turn-around every year and have received appraisal letters from all our principal Lines. To add to this Mr. Yusuf has made a strong stand for Trans-Continental Shipping in the Market of Bahrain where all the above mentioned companies are our very loyal customers and a supporter of all our Shipping Lines.