Today's world of business and commerce is all about speed and efficiency. As the world gets smaller and smaller, and more countries get integrated into the global network, there is an ever increasing movement of goods from one country to another. Playing a vital part in this movement of cargo is the marine industry. And as the ships travel from port to port across continents, it is imperative they are in top shape to go about their course of business.

Dana Marine Supply: Providing vital support to the marine industry through excellent ship chandling services.

Dana Marine Supply was established in 1993 in Bahrain. In just a span of three years the company has earned an enviable reputation for providing reliable ship chandling services for vessels calling into Bahrain as well as the region.

Dana Marine Supply's establishment in Bahrain is significant as the country has one of the busiest ports in the region because of its proud mercantile tradition and strategic location in the heart of the Gulf.

This has given Dana Marine Supply vast experience and expertise in meeting a variety of demands from various types of vessels.