CONREP CONTAINER REPAIR  COMPANY under the umbrella of Al Rayes-Holdings WLL was established with Trans-Continental Shipping to provide a one place solution to all Customers / Shipping Lines in-order to provide them with container repair facility for all types of containers including undertaking repair on Reefer Containers with changing the spare parts whenever required. Our team of dedicated M & R Staff Ensures a 100% guarantee on a satisfactory repair on dry containers. Our dedicated Reefer Engineer including technicians ensure a full servicing on Reefer Containers and timely PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection).

We Ensure carrying out timely PTI for our Shipping Lines. (Before a container is released to a customer, it must pass a thorough Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI).The PTI is actually an extensive check of both the container and the machinery, ensuring that only clean and undamaged Containers with reefer machinery in perfect running condition are released). Conrep Container Repair are authorized agents for

  • Carrier Transicold
  • Star Cool.
  • Daikin


Conrep Container Repair Company has been very proactive and with an eagerness to provide an immediate solution for carrying out container repair and provides a designated mobile repair station which moves to customer location for carrying out the repair in cases of emergency. The Mobile repair station is equipped with all important tools and spares for carrying out the satisfactory repairs on both dry as well as Reefer containers.

Recently Conrep Repair Co. has leased out a land opposite to ALBA in Sitra for empty container storage and repair yard facility. Conrep Container Repair Company can be contacted through the Trans-Continental Shipping mailing addresses.